Tales of the Four Kingdoms

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

The army was huge. The Dane’s were tired of waiting and they were going to take the throne from the people of Elisil. The adventurers began to think of ways that they would make it into the city. While this was going on, Nanoc fashioned himself a insignia of Dane and began to make his way down the hill. He commissioned Shorty to watch over his nephew with her life. He hit himself with his dagger to make it seem as though he was a weary Dane traveler who had been on the road for awhile. He was going to assassinate the Commanding General of the Dane Army.

He spoke with a Captain, and tried to get it so he could see the commanding general of the army. Needless to say, such a low grunt could not see the general without first providing adequate proof of rank. It was then that he was taken to the medical bay. He then continued to try and make his way to the general, using many names and aliases. The Captain got fed up and left. Leaving Nanoc alone in the medical tent.

Shorty, Wong, and “Adrien,” remained on the hill. Fed up with waiting, Wong went down to the camp and began talking with a group of soldiers who were standing around. After a bit of small talk he managed to speak to the same Captain that Nanoc had spoken with. Nanoc asked him if he could make it into the city for he was traveler and loved to see architecture. The Captain burst out laughing and said that if he had a death wish then by all means.

Approaching the gate, Wong stated that he had traveled long and far to see the capital city, and that he would not let a war stop him from his quest. They took him in but had him locked away in a room, fearful that he might be an enemy spy come to steal the secrets from the people Elisil.

On top of the hill, Shorty watched as Wong managed to make his way straight in to the city with little problem. Trying to make small conversation with the “nephew” of Nanoc, he suggested that she go into the city as well. Using the same path as the sorcerer. Shorty and Jongren were at the front gate in no time. The soldier looked over the wall. As soon as he did, his eyes went agape and the gate opened immediately. The boy was taken from Shorty and she was left in the streets surrounded by humans.

Nanoc heard the gates open and close and figured that peace-party had come to and from the battlefield. Searching around he found some potions that, using his knowledge of Alchemy, fashioned a paralytic that would help him kill the General. After this, using his swift and silent skills, he made his way through the camp, on the way to the General’s pavilion.

Shorty and Wong were taken to the heart of the city by guards. They eventually met up with each other and they were taken to the throne room. The two were surprised to find the “nephew” of Nanoc on the throne. He explained to the two that he was not Nanoc’s nephew and was actually the true blood heir to The Four Kingdoms. He said that he had a vision of the three adventurers slaying “the enemy wolves of the kingdom” and will save the kingdom from destruction. The two looked dumbfounded.

Nanoc saw the General’s pavilion. It was surrounded a “wall of men” standing side by side. Using his ingenuity and powers of invisibility, he threw a rock inside, the guards went in, and he followed. Still invisible, he hid behind a couch and turned off his powers. The guards left. So close to his goal, Nanoc pulled out the paralytic and went to the bed of the General, he used his poison effectively and slayed the General without mercy. Cutting off the head and stealing all the documents, Nanoc once again used his ingenuity and lit the tent on fire and left without a trace.

Shorty and Wong looked out at the battlefield with their newly acquired spyglasses. They saw a tent go up in flames. They assumed that it was the Generals. Shorty and Wong were happy to see the deed done.

Earlier the next morning, Nanoc talked with a nurse saying that he once again had news to take the general. There was an assassination attempt on his life and he had information. The nurse said that someone tried to kill the General but it was only his double that they had killed. Demoralized Nanoc left the army ranks and started toward the city. He was going to come back. He would kill the general.

The three adventurers were once again, all in the same place.



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