Tales of the Four Kingdoms

An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object

The army was huge. The Dane’s were tired of waiting and they were going to take the throne from the people of Elisil. The adventurers began to think of ways that they would make it into the city. While this was going on, Nanoc fashioned himself a insignia of Dane and began to make his way down the hill. He commissioned Shorty to watch over his nephew with her life. He hit himself with his dagger to make it seem as though he was a weary Dane traveler who had been on the road for awhile. He was going to assassinate the Commanding General of the Dane Army.

He spoke with a Captain, and tried to get it so he could see the commanding general of the army. Needless to say, such a low grunt could not see the general without first providing adequate proof of rank. It was then that he was taken to the medical bay. He then continued to try and make his way to the general, using many names and aliases. The Captain got fed up and left. Leaving Nanoc alone in the medical tent.

Shorty, Wong, and “Adrien,” remained on the hill. Fed up with waiting, Wong went down to the camp and began talking with a group of soldiers who were standing around. After a bit of small talk he managed to speak to the same Captain that Nanoc had spoken with. Nanoc asked him if he could make it into the city for he was traveler and loved to see architecture. The Captain burst out laughing and said that if he had a death wish then by all means.

Approaching the gate, Wong stated that he had traveled long and far to see the capital city, and that he would not let a war stop him from his quest. They took him in but had him locked away in a room, fearful that he might be an enemy spy come to steal the secrets from the people Elisil.

On top of the hill, Shorty watched as Wong managed to make his way straight in to the city with little problem. Trying to make small conversation with the “nephew” of Nanoc, he suggested that she go into the city as well. Using the same path as the sorcerer. Shorty and Jongren were at the front gate in no time. The soldier looked over the wall. As soon as he did, his eyes went agape and the gate opened immediately. The boy was taken from Shorty and she was left in the streets surrounded by humans.

Nanoc heard the gates open and close and figured that peace-party had come to and from the battlefield. Searching around he found some potions that, using his knowledge of Alchemy, fashioned a paralytic that would help him kill the General. After this, using his swift and silent skills, he made his way through the camp, on the way to the General’s pavilion.

Shorty and Wong were taken to the heart of the city by guards. They eventually met up with each other and they were taken to the throne room. The two were surprised to find the “nephew” of Nanoc on the throne. He explained to the two that he was not Nanoc’s nephew and was actually the true blood heir to The Four Kingdoms. He said that he had a vision of the three adventurers slaying “the enemy wolves of the kingdom” and will save the kingdom from destruction. The two looked dumbfounded.

Nanoc saw the General’s pavilion. It was surrounded a “wall of men” standing side by side. Using his ingenuity and powers of invisibility, he threw a rock inside, the guards went in, and he followed. Still invisible, he hid behind a couch and turned off his powers. The guards left. So close to his goal, Nanoc pulled out the paralytic and went to the bed of the General, he used his poison effectively and slayed the General without mercy. Cutting off the head and stealing all the documents, Nanoc once again used his ingenuity and lit the tent on fire and left without a trace.

Shorty and Wong looked out at the battlefield with their newly acquired spyglasses. They saw a tent go up in flames. They assumed that it was the Generals. Shorty and Wong were happy to see the deed done.

Earlier the next morning, Nanoc talked with a nurse saying that he once again had news to take the general. There was an assassination attempt on his life and he had information. The nurse said that someone tried to kill the General but it was only his double that they had killed. Demoralized Nanoc left the army ranks and started toward the city. He was going to come back. He would kill the general.

The three adventurers were once again, all in the same place.

A Dangerous Road

It would be another two days to the capitol city of The Four Kingdoms. The four wayward travelers began their trek from the town of Knaps. Traversing over the most hilly terrain, the beginning of the journey was simple.

As the day wore on however the howling of wolves could be heard over the horizon. The group stopped fresh in their tracks. They balled up, ready for a fight. It was then that seven angry, hungry wolves were seen coming over the hill. Wong, using his spell casting, shot a fireball at the lead canine. On fire, the pack still kept coming. The wolves managed to surround our heroes. The “nephew” clung close to Nanoc as the wolves surrounded them.

Nanoc immediately adopted a defensive pose, and the other two… well, they did not. After a long and arduous fight, the adventurers managed to fight off a majority of the wolves. Nanoc managed to kill the final two. With Wong knocked out cold from the fight, they had to wait a bit before they were up and running again.

The nephew, being unaccustomed to the blood and brutality, started howling away. It was then that Nanoc knocked him out. Hoping the kid would remember it as a bad dream, the group set up camp and went to bed.

The next morning, they made double the pace and managed to reach the capitol city in less time than they had imagined. They could see their goal over the hill. They were almost there. So close to the end, they began to get elated with joy. As they crested the hill however, they started to hear… chanting. The chanting of many men in unison. When they reached the top, they found the source. An army of Dane, at least a mile wide, had come to claim the throne of the four kingdoms.

A Sullen City

The travelers exited the woods and found themselves staring at open plains. Walking across the plains they were surrounded by the depressing products of war. Dead corpses and broken machinery littered the fields. Finding nothing of use, the adventurers continued on their way to the town of Knaps.

Soon enough, they came upon the most depressing sight, a broken city. Dirty and old looking, the three adventurers wandered into town and split paths. Wong made a straight line for the cities tavern. The sorcerer was looking to practice his latest pick up lines and wanted to entice the wenches. Short went to a locksmith shop. Erratic as always, she stole a lock from the lockshop only to be seen making off with it on the way out. She was able to hide it on her person when the town guards questioned her. Nanoc was on a very different quest, a very important quest. He went off to gather information. Unbeknownst to his companions, he was on a royal quest. Sent off to find the rightful heir to the Four Kingdoms thrown. It was here that the young boy Jongren would be found.

Apprenticed at a locksmith shop and under the codename Adrien, the boy was easily found by the Courageous Nanoc. Hesitant at first, the boy initially refused to accompany Nanoc on his way to the Tri-layered Kingdom, the Capitol of the land. After hard talks and inspirational words from Nanoc, the kid agreed to accompany him to the Tri-Layered city, where he would be crowned king.

Wong was having a much better night than he usually had. Reeling in one of the most beautiful maidens in town, Wong was please with himself. He was doing pretty good with this one. But there was something off, something familiar. Shrugging it off and emboldened by his success, Wong offered to purchase the young lady for her spying-services. She refused to do that and with that, Wong started off and out of the tavern. It was then that a sudden gust of wind blew him outside. This was strange as the wind came from outside the tavern. Turning around Wong saw the beautiful lady start to shapeshift. He recognized her immediately. The raven hair, the pale skin, the sinister green eyes. It was Morgana. She had returned for revenge on her fallen master, whom Wong had killed years ago. She gave Wong two weeks to live and disappeared. Wong sat there in amazement.

The group reassembled and agreed to head to the Tri-layered. Under the guise of Nanoc’s nephew, the boy-king Jongren accompanied the group.

The Trouble With Bandits

Happy with their loots, the three adventurers smugly made their way along the trail to Knaps. Confident with their abilities and feeling invincible, they felt as though there was nothing they could not handle. They were like kings, walking proudly through the forest. Almost free of the wooded nightmare their sprits could not be higher. That was when it happened. The group saw four Centaurs raging out of the woods in a line.

Demanding that they hand over their gold, the Centaurs were impatient at best. This was when the brave warrior, Nanoc, turned invisible and started to attack the lead Centaur. Shorty went and hid, leaving only Wong to fend for himself. Nanoc was able to get a few good swings in and even managed to kill the leader. This was when the Centaurs figured Nanoc’s plan. It was then that they started swinging wildly. This miraculously managed to knock him out cold.

With Nanoc out, and Shorty hiding, it was up to Wong to negotiate the groups fate. Not keen on losing another member of their band, the Centaurs offered the traveler a deal. Give them half the gold in his possession and they would leave them alone. After a long negotiation, Wong gave them what they wanted. The Centaurs dragged off the body of their chief and the travelers were alone once again.

They were able to stabilize Nanoc. It was then that the travelers decided that it was better to sleep in the woods than to continue on at night. Beaten and bruised, they slept.

The Trouble With Orcs

Our three adventurers found themselves traversing the dark woodlands. With Wong leading the way they were a solid 5 days away from their destination. As the travelers went on their way they noticed something odd; Shorty, the fem-fatale of the group, was carving S’s in trees along the way. To this day, no one knows why. For their first night in the woods, Nanoc, chose the location where they would stay, he would choose from then on. The travelers went to bed. Wong, hearing the call of nature, wandered away from camp an into the woods. As he was doing his Sorcerer’s duties, he heard strange noises coming from the woods. He immediately pulled up his garments and fled back to camp. Alerting his companions to the mysterious sounds in the woods, Wong then went back to bed, cuddling his daggers. Nanoc, however, chose to follow the strange noise.

A unique coincidence presented itself. The language that the noises were making were Orcish. Yes, Orcish. They were discussing the fact that the trail of S’s that were carved into the trees had suddenly stopped. Enraged and confused, the Orcs turned around and started back to where they came. The brave Nanoc followed the Orcs, curious as to where they were going. Soon enough he found himself looking at a cave in the middle of the woods; the Orcs’ home. Smiling, he turned around and went back to camp.

The travelers broke camp and once again headed toward the town of Knaps. Still carving “S’s” into the trees, Shorty was continuing with her plight. As the sun went down the travelers decided to once again sleep through the night. Using his cunning wit, Nanoc chose the tree as the most safe place to sleep. Throughout the night, the group slept soundly, not hearing a sound. As they woke from their night of sleep, the group found themselves sleeping above a group of four Orcs. Springing into stealth mode, Nanoc clambered down the tree and hid silently, reading to slay the foes. Shorty aimed her crossbow, ready for the signal. All the while Nanoc was sleeping. The action started and Nanoc threw his dagger straight into the skull of the 1st Orc. Shorty took aim and fired as well. Soon enough, Wong flew out of the tree and entered the battle. Within seconds three Orcs were on the ground and their was only one standing. I use standing loosely as he had been knocked on the ground earlier. Nanoc went up to him, and slammed him unconscious.

The triumphant Nanoc tied up the Orc and hung him from a tree. Slicing off his comrades heads, the Orc’s, Nanoc put them all on spikes and poked them in the ground. This is when the Orc once again became conscious. Nanoc was looking from information. He was determined to get it, and he did. After several unsuccessful interrogation techniques, and many, many hours later, the Orc gave up the information. There were 8 Orcs in the cave, their home. They were guarding a chest full of 200 Gold Pieces. Nanoc, happy with the result, killed the Orc. It was then that the adventurers turned around and traveled the long way back to the cave.

Finding the cave unguarded, the three adventures set a plot to destroy all the Orcs inside. Nanoc would stealthily go inside and see if they Orcs were awake, and the other two would set a trap for the other Orcs outside. Shorty, using her skill with traps, configured a tree to spring on anything that came outside of the cave. Wong prepared himself to cast his spells. With that, Wong went inside. He found the Orcs sleeping. Unbeknownst to the Orcs, their comrades had been slain. Wong then preceded to stealthily slay each and every one of the Orcs. He managed to kill 4 of them before they woke up. Throwing his dagger into the one in the back and killing one more, one escaped from him and ran outside. It was their that the two adventurers, lying in wait, managed to slay the final Orc. Inside Nanoc found a stinky, smelly chest full of Gold. Nanoc was gifted 100 pieces by the lenient adventurers. Shorty and Wong collected 50. Content with their plunder, and energized from their encounter, they started heading back to Knaps.

The Adventure Begins

In foreign land, many years ago, a nation called The Four Kingdoms was in ruins. Leaderless and broken, infighting has been the norm in land for over 100 years. The Kingdom is comprised of four separate city-states; the Danes of the plains kingdom Tragistatd; the Irelings of the island kingdom Maring; the Shangren of the mountain kingdom Holistatd; and the Elisil of the Capital city the Tri-layered Kingdom. The pieces on the board are moving and people are making a play for the thrown. What will happen in this land torn apart by war?

Our first adventurer, a young human Ninja named Nanoc Lithallow, stood on the shores of a river looking for a way to cross. His mission, get to the town of Knaps. As if by fate, he saw our second young adventurer. A Halfling swashbuckler, abandoned by her ship and crew, was busy pulling a skiff on to the shore. Helping the lady with her skiff, Nanoc and the surnamed, Shorty, immediately became friends. Nanoc told the young lady that he was trying to get to the town across the river. Not wanting to traverse the treacherous waters at night, the two slept under the small skiff together.

When the sun rose, the two adventurers started sailing across the river. In the morning glow, a sorcerer named Wong looked out across the flowing waters on the docks of Bywater. He saw interesting sight; a tiny skiff, unbalanced, with two passengers on board. A human male, and a small Halfling. The boat, being lopsided, was a funny sight, and Wong started laughing.

The two sailers went to shore and made discussion with the laughing sorcerer. The town was a small burrow that was surrounded by thick forest on all sides. The forest, deteriorated from the 100 years of war, has not paths. Looking for a guide through the forest and on to Knaps, and the sorcerer being a highly tenured traveler, Nanoc negotiated a price for Wong’s guidance. 2 gold pieces later the three were going through the forest and on were their way to Knaps.


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